Let’s talk : JOI

There’s more to it than meets the hand.

*erotic triggers present*

JOI stands for “jerk off instruction.” A POV style porn niche, with explicit and detailed instructions.

I know what you’re thinking. Does someone really need to be told how to jerk it? Yes, some really do, it’s a turn on.

JOI often accompanies orgasm denial as well as edging, I have written more on these subjects in past articles.

Creativity is key in this niche because cuming up and down with various ways for one to spank one’s dick can be challenging.

But fear not, there is content a plenty for one to satisfy the JOI kink in. It’s almost as common as… you guessed it, a big ol blow job.

That’s it, Tip your instructor, that’s an instruction.

20 minutes later….snaps fingers.

What makes a good JOI?

Did you orgasm as instructed? Then it’s a good JOI.

Did you orgasm ol willy nilly? Then maybe that’s not your thing.

And that’s okay, Tip your instructor anyway. Your dick will instantaneously start jumping if you do. It’s quite magical, really.

Bye for now!

Your Enchantress.

One thought on “Let’s talk : JOI

  1. Tips is always a good tip, for sure : ) I’m pretty sure that the best way to tingle more is to give your tingle creator a smile.
    JOI is just such an interesting thing because it’s such an interplay of so many things. I think every joi starts off in curiosity, but where it goes from there is between the artist and the art lover, from sensual to control, everywhere in between, and plus there’s even those special times when you had no idea just how obedient you were ready to be today ; )
    Some of the smartest, most beautiful, and legit the most pleasant (and unpleasant if it’s your fetish!) some of the most talented minds are out there making these kinds of things, and it’s actually kind of amazing to think that at any given time, your perfect orgasm, the one that’s just right right now, that’s a listen (and a tip) away.

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