Let’s talk : Edging fetish

The edge fetish.

Orgasm edging is bringing one’s self, partner, or a group, to the edge of orgasm, not ruining it, but instead prolonging the desired orgasmic effect, stopping a few moments before orgasm, over an extended period of time, until the build up, often hours to days is felt more intensively.

So what’s the difference?

Orgasm ruination is when you are stimulated to the edge of orgasm and then immediately denying the release of pleasure or a very low satisfying orgasm, i.e., ruining it. A lot of us have them, and sometimes, they happen unintentionally, but few eroticize the experience or seek it out.

Personally, I enjoy the edging fetish, and I have performed orgasm ruination on several subjects, including penis stimulus, while a subject was locked in chastity.

And here we lock in the most common, other than the Cuckolding kink to pair with the above, because in all sense of the word, chastity is denying one’s sexual stimulation and release, until you either unlock yourself or if your partner/Dominant unlocks you. I find chastity exciting, but have you seen me? You’d be in tears, leaking out of your cage almost always 😉

So in fantasy, and in short-term relationships, it’s definitely something I enjoyed a lot.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s talk : Edging fetish

  1. And…I just realized, as She talks about edging, I just realized that all of my orgasms are Her’s; with her voice in my ears, her beauty in my day, or just her presence in my mind. Honestly, I’m not even sure when my pleasure became so intertwined with my Goddess, but now that I think about it, I love her even more. Her swirl leaves me edge-ternally Her’s.

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