The Enchantress


Hi, it’s Me, the voice in your brain.

So, who is Gem? Gem is a common nick name used, but you may address Me as Enchantress or Goddess, I am a sensual gentle Dominant, for most of My career I’ve been a Fetish PSO with a swirl of Erotic Hypnotherapy, I’m mostly known for conversational hypnosis, however I like to spice things up when the swirl is swirling wink wink.

I’m well versed in psychology, life experience, and most importantly, I’m very kinky, She smiled.

“Well, hello there…”

If you’re here because you found my uniquely fetish content somewhere, well, that’s because I have always had a bizarre flare for Cosplay, and by bizarre, I literally mean odd 🙂 “Avant-garde”. These can be found in much of my older videos and/or past adult content. Sometimes, I’ll post previously used photos of mine here throughout the blog. I am a graduated Avant-garde fashion designer with that fancy piece of paper, long before sexy land was my vibe. I’ve also been on the opposite side of fashion as a photogenic model for 8 years before moving into design and fashion study. Creative arts is in my genes, one would say, mmhm. I am not perfection, I am perfectly imperfect.

I have since retired from online sex work, except in the form of phone calls, which was back in ’22. What a decade-long orgasm that was 😉

Adults with fetish interests only. *****1

“Enchantress Genevieve”

Not an AI. I am human, half alien 😉