The Enchantress

“80% Dominant – 15% Switch – 5% Honey”

that’s My Kink make-up.

Enchantress Genevieve


Hi, it’s Me, the voice in your brain.

So, who is Gem? Gem is a common nick name used, but you may address Me as Enchantress or Goddess, I am a sensual gentle Dominant, for most of My career I’ve been a Fetish PSO and an Erotic Hypnotherapist, I also had a flare for Cosplay, which can be found in much of My older videos/content. I have since retired. ’22.

I am a one women show. From the first finely crafted exquisite creative genius that is what you see, hear and feel to the experience I aim to bring you through in the Enchanting eyes <&brain> of, this here lè Gem.

So what do you do now?

I am an aspiring ASMR-Tist that loves swirling you in live show tingles, I currently design full time as well and I enjoy helping the sexy sexy with the sexy.

Thank you for reading, I hope you find some sparkle in your journey through Gems world. referred by goddessgenevieve