The way She submits..

Isn’t about manipulation, nor is it humiliation, it isn’t an indication of less than in a BDSM dynamic, it isn’t about power, it’s about strength.

I’ve often said, it takes a strong man to submit to a strong woman. The same applies in the reverse.

Being slightly submissive isn’t on demand, when the Dominant occupies the majority of My nature, I’m naturally Dominant, submissive only to those who I see as worthy of it, usually and almost always in the bedroom.

There’s so many different perspectives of what submission means to any other one person, or several, but trust is not only the forefront of necessity it’s the concrete.

So if you’re just like Me, you’re a strong woman who doesn’t accept anything but the best, and don’t ever feel less than because bdsm society says so.


2 thoughts on “The way She submits..

  1. And every time, just when you think that Gem can’t be any more amazing, she gives you even more insight into how strong and wonderful she truly is. Expressing dominance is once thing, but being powerful in everything she does, that’s what it really means to be a Goddess in the world.

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