The way She Dominates

Female Domination ‘n switchy kisses

Consensual bdsm (very important).

Personally, I am a Vixen, sensual by nature, strict yet playful, feathers and faux furs, collars and leashes, nibbles and sub space kisses, Dominant in a way that makes the submissive strong, in submitting to the honor that is Her Dominance. The Soft core power exchange. Yes, I love a good whip and a thigh-high leather boot, but that’s not what portrays my power, It’s the way I do it. Uplifting, as they kneel, to the sway, always supporting themselves whilst lifting me higher.

With that in mind, let me tell you how I like to dominate, in a bdsm scenario.

Imagine you’re on a chair, or you are the chair, human furniture is a thing I find delightful, and before I even enter the door, your mind is already prepared for those two words.

Yes Goddess.

I drip for Genevieve, My Enchantress.

Good, now, relax and go hydrate. We have some talking to do, with your….brain, before the fun begins spanking. Just look at this pocket watch for a moment…

Good boy.

It’s a rarity that I use verbal humiliation. Only a select few in the past have experienced it or through various video/audio commissions. Even then, I tried to stay away from vulgarity, and simply now, the most you’ll probably get from me is..

Down bitch.

And I do enjoy the Cuckoldress side of things as well, but that’s for another post 😉

Now, come here so I can kiss your cheek, that I made all, rosy. Smile. Which one? Oh love, you’ll never know..

Love Me.

A drip a day keeps the mind happy

2 thoughts on “The way She Dominates

  1. I love her dominance in so many ways, but one of my favorite things is that she always does it in a way that’s exciting to Her , because when you sway with Gemy vibes, that’s exactly what’s the most exciting to you too. She doesn’t make a million different contents that cater to anyone and everyone, instead she only makes it when it’s a great idea, a unique moment, or just something wonderfully silly, and that’s such a fresh-air feeling.

    I don’t know, I just think it takes a really powerful person to stick to what they want to do, the quality they want to make, and to truly just say, this is my swirl and the world will love it. Confidence in dominance is the sexiest thing there is, and it’s such a big part of why her work is a real renaissance.

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