The 100k sub-swirl

Well, hello there…

Allow Me to brag for a moment, I don’t do many of these posts wink wink.

Subject 100 has been an enchanted brain of mine  for several years now, and he faithfully and finally hit the big 100,000 with Me last month.

It was hot. Mmhm.

You hardly see these consenting adults on social media. It’s their preference. Zero drama. All the goodness.

I also don’t flaunt the tributes and gifts I receive  the way you’re used to seeing it from me, way back in the day. [see below picture, this was taken on a 2014 phone camera mkay, so the quality is sheeeet ha] mostly due to Spam, but that doesn’t mean I’m not vibing to every one of all your sexy drips when you do tip 😉

So this is for you ❤️ Subject 100.

Thank you for making 2023 a very sexy year for your Goddess.

Goddess Genevieve 2⁰¹⁴ piggy cash drop

2 thoughts on “The 100k sub-swirl

  1. Big congrats to both of you : ) That’s a lot of swirls and smiles, and just such an awesome connection.

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