[Short Erotic story] Bubbles of chaste.

*contains erotic triggers*

After a long day, I kicked off my heels and proceeded to walk upstairs, I turned on the lights to the bedroom. I then sat at the edge of the bed, where I knew you’d be able to see me getting into my bathrobe, I turned to the bathroom entrance, knowing you’d be peaking at me through the door, it was our usual time.

“Hi Goddess” you said with a wide smile on your face. The candles flickering in the background on the dresser caught my eye.

“Time to unwind,” I said, noticing the pleasant scent of cashmere bubbles filling the room from the bathtub.

“It smells and looks heavenly in there, such a good pet.” Walking towards you, I pull your tie down until you’re on your knees. It’s such a long day that you’ve had to.

“Thank you, Goddess” you whimper in excitement.

It had been 5 months since you were allowed to reach a full orgasm, you see, because you’re in chastity, pet, mmhmm, and every night, I’d strip down in my robe and slip into the bathtub. Then you’d join, we’d talk about our days, wash away the brain, and I’d tease you beneath the bubbles, my cock was always on edge, for me.

Bubbly thoughts.

Will I let you cum this time? Maybe, but you won’t know until it happens. Oh, to be teased and denied, and you were told it could take months. Mmhmm, oh but you enjoyed a challenge, and Goddess is making it oh so very hard.

Smiles. Good boy.

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3 thoughts on “[Short Erotic story] Bubbles of chaste.

  1. Sometimes you just have to pop in to read this absolute chasterpiece. Gem just knows how to leave you bubbly minded and then pop you one by one : ) Absolutely made my day to read this amazing one again today.

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