Let’s talk : The Giantess Edition

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Let’s talk about the oversized topic that surrounds this larger than life phenomenon in today’s itty bitty post, the Giantess Edition.

Giantess animation

Is it tall, big women/men/them?

Well….not necessarily, the size comparison is vastly different, for example, miniature figures and dolls, as well as the desire to be shrunken into an Itty bitty form for a moment, so the point of view of said Giant/ess is that of disproportionate angles, essentially creating that  fantasy or the desired outcome, of being itty bitty in a world full of Giant beings.

Being squeezed into a busty cleavage when you’re the size of a palm can be quite the jiggle ride.

It’s the idea of being down in the you know, in the you know where, while said Giant/ess is having a Oh la la moment, being covered in the you know what in the you know where..

Getting to ride the lotion wave over their toes..

From the perspective of a Giant/ess, this is a fun fantasy, too. I know I have personally enjoyed creating these fantasies in the few commissions I received over the years.

Is it Dominant and submissive focused?

That depends on the individual or fantasy, but I’d argue most lean that way when seeking it out due to the dynamic of the fantasy. I’ve often mixed  “the military kink” in with clip specific content to spice things up, so the options and / or preferences are vast yet still very personalized. ❣️

Snapshot from a Military Giantess fetish clip / ♡ EnchantressGem ** 2017

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That’s all I have on the topic, but feel free to add your thoughts below.

POV Giantess Genevieve

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