Let’s talk : Sploshing and foodie things!

Ie : the food kink! Or, more commonly known as food sploshing or food compression.

To have a food fetish is to be sexually attracted to food/s.

Mmmm, fluffy, creamy dessert…

It can be layered erotically on one’s body, or It can be eaten [I’m a fan of this one] with the food fetish lovers gaze on both the model and food being consumed, and then there’s also playing with it in an erotic way, so many variations, it can also be used for a pleasure release, oh cream! Oh cream! Mmmm, cream, they whispered.

Sploshing : Is the eroticism of rubbing or sploshing desserts and baked food items on one’s self and/or partner/s, proceeding to get whipped up, in some cream, with a donut in the middle and sprinkles on the top, if you get my drift.

To say this has a lot of clean-up would be an understatement, but for the food fetish lover, some things are worth sliding on, and getting all slippery…

If you’d like to give this a try in a safe environment, make sure you plastic wrap or cover up all surrounding areas where spatter and cream can bust a nut to, and then bake, a fuck lot 🙂

I find the thought of it rather fun, and in some way of my own, I feel I have experienced a version of this a long while ago, but if it’s your thing then all I can say is, nom nom, enjoy the delight that is your baked-food-wonder-sexy-land, much love ❤️

Food compression: Is being aroused at the sight or thought of food being squished or compressed by another person. Example : stepping on and squishing a cupcake or tomatoes.


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