Let’s talk : POV

They say the window to the soul, is through the eyes, but….

…have they ever seen a POV porno or fetish film and experienced an orgasm that busted the windows out so much, suddenly the sun busted up too and it’s beaming down while blessing their very pleasure spot, sort of view..well that’s exactly what someone who enjoys the “point of view” would feel, right? Smiles, which is why it’s a very popular style.


It’s feeling connected to the erotica you’re enjoying essentially, and this style really boomed during the pandemic because everyone needs and deserves to feel connected in some way I feel, so the POV style was even more favored in a lot of adult content, understanbly.

When someone tells you to “make love to the camera”, this is making love to the camera, no one else is talking or makes an appearance, except for you and the viewer, and that’s how you can tell the difference between a true POV.

Solo POV erotica is common. Rarely do I see or come across duo’s, but I’m sure they exist!

In VR, [I’ve never produced VR content] it apparently takes the experience to a whole other level, however, producing VR content is both costly and not as common as your classics, and the people will go where the demand is.

Tips on how to conquer the POV style :

1) confidence.

2) avoid getting too close to the lens, and test out different angles and lighting.

3) Do you! Spread those cheeks, use the camera underneath to get a different view, whatever inspires you, and be creative!

4) Market your new content with the use of tags and descriptions so the POV stylists can find it.

5) It doesn’t have to be filmed or produced on a professional camera or microphone (yes, POV audio exists too!) Amateur video POV erotica is very sought after as well, it depends on which niche you’re into and where you most feel comfortable in.

Kisses 💋

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