Let’s talk : Financial Domination / the Money kink

To say this is a topic with a lot of controversy is an understatement, so I’ll try to keep it on the money, so to speak.

Every kinkster who dips their toes into online or offline Findom has their own version and story to tell of what Findom should and shouldn’t be, no seriously, even finsubs, it’s a personal preference, from my understanding, so let’s continue…

My first recollection of a Findomme, was reading an article back sometime around 2008/9 of a Lifestyle Dominatrix who would have her submissives in a BDSM consensual session, present her with cash, The piece went roughly like this, “I’d ask the submissive in session, what would you rate me? In which he replied, “the perfect 10.”

She then proceeded to say, “If you think I’m worth a 10, I want one 1k placed at my feet, all in $10’s.” Well, he then proceeded to bring back $10 bills to be placed at her feet. It went on to talk about how she had discovered financial domination with a few of her submissive clients. (This is from memory, and unfortunately I can’t find the article, if I do, I’ll post an update for refrence!)

It’s entirely possible to have stumbled upon the core of Findom prior to this, but that’s when I first felt intrigued, I mean…

So there I was, <insert the title of the season> Genevieve, venturing into the land of Findom with its **paypigs / finsubs.

Are there different types?” If there’s a niche, it’s there. From extreme to mild.

**The term “Pay-pigs” refers to someone, in any gender or identity who feels extreme erotic pleasure by paying a Domiant who fits their preference, and well, some of them get themselves into precarious situations, financially, to appease their Findom/s, thus, a financially inclined oinker, or finsub.

At the end of the day, it provides a service, like any other service, no sexual contact, is sought after, just a monetary exchange, and a slap on the cheek if they’re lucky.

Sometimes, it’s participated in public exchanges, leaning on voyeurism, but often, it’s done in private, between consenting adults and where oinks are accepted, all with the flare of findom, a sub division of the kinky realm.

I’ve seen a lot of findom creators come in, leave and come back again, the addiction is as strong as it is with the consumer of the money kink, and if you’re riding the findom wave with a power control kink, you best believe that desire isn’t going anywhere.

Will this piss on some toes? Absolutely. As I said, this is a very controversial fetish.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was essentially about, now you know. Much love ❤️

This is all I currently wish to write about on the subject. Next entry, here we go…

Just a side note, no pigs were harmed in the writing of this article.

Caution: Findoms/Findommes are notorious for stealing, both content and branding, proceed with that in mind.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk : Financial Domination / the Money kink

  1. Much love : ) I feel like findom is such a broad fantasy and maybe part of the stigma it gets sometimes is that there’s just so many different ways to do it. Everyone will look at it and see part of it and think, that’s too far, but at the same time, everyone can look at it too and find something they really like in it, so it’s just so in the eyes of the beholder. I mean, if you have a really good meal somewhere and leave a nice tip, I feel like it’s not a stretch at all to tip someone who is literally making something that brings your fantasies to life, or even helps you find new ones.

    I don’t know, maybe I just feel like fetish is often a way to explore what makes you happy, and findom can most often find a spot for anyone if they are open. People might see the extreme versions and think, wow that’s really far, but that’s kinda true with anything. Those relationships can be great if both people are into it, but findom can be a lot of things, and sometimes it’s just as much as sending someone a smile today just because they are amazing.

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