Let’s talk : customers and community

Hi ? Me again.


So, I’ve already touched up on my opinions found in other posts regarding understanding the porn industry, and we won’t revisit those. Instead, let’s talk porn buyers.

There’s customers of porn and there’s community porn, and yes, both do pay for their porn. The community consumes more sexy content due to visibility stimulation, whereas customers are your seasonal porn connoisseurs and passing porn browsers, the “I gotta have it now before I drip a nut!” Fan, the collection enthusiasts, and so on.

Now, the sexy world is many things, but it hasn’t been able to seperate the two types of buyers to maximize a sex workers potential, and this is due to stigmas, stupid laws, and so on, so what they did, was combine the sexy adult community with the sex workers so they, in some way could help each other out.

As a dear SWr acquaintance told me once, “we have to go back to link sharing.” This was when sesta fosta was introduced and a lot of platforms they used were no longer available to advertise on, hence the sudden influx of social media sex worker influencers, it’s a way to advertise our content.

For example, a sex worker could advertise and market themselves in a kink or niche community that may already contain adult kinksters seeking, well, the content she/he/they provide, right? The same goes for the community, they utilize said content, provided by the sex worker, to enchance their pleasure in any given scene or simply in the bedroom, this has been a common thing for a while.

Tell me you’ve never watched a porn video with your partner before.. or ever wondered where those digital artists get their inspiration from? Where do you think eroric writers get their stories from? Or game character design? Even fashion trends? Porn, made by sex workers.

Here’s how I see it, as a sex worker : first, you have to acknowledge that this industry is a give and take, and that while you’re tired and frustrated of seeing your content out there, it may actually provide you with a few buyers, so it’s a give and take, the ratio is in favor of the consumer as they outweigh the provider, but this is the internet, you make sexy content, it will be out there, and it can be used by anyone, especially the sexy community. Heck there’s probably some deep fake of me and 15 alien dicks all singing hallelujah, anything is possible.

So Gem, how do you put yourself out there in a sea of…kinky dicks?

You don’t.

Let them all kink on while you work on business, because eventually they will buy your content and become a customer, or at least get their rocks and jollies off, let em drip. Porn is therapeutic for the soul.


Thanks for reading, love.

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk : customers and community

  1. : ) I couldn’t help but laugh a little, because it’s so true. I mean, I kind of recently finished writing an erotic story thing, and when I read that part here it was like, pfft, yep! It’s just fun how She’s not only so amazing at being sexy, but She’s so amazing at creating such an intelligently sexy space in the world.

      1. Awww, maybe : ) Goofy eroticism at least. Thank you love, that makes me smile so much today.

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