Let’s talk : CFNM

What is CFNM?

This stands for “Clothed female, naked man”.

As you’d imagine, in a bdsm or kink / role-play scene, there is the fully clothed female and a fully naked man, usually in a submissive setting with a “Mistress or Master”.

Why is this a thing? Well, men and women have been stimulated by porn for so long that some of them can only orgasm when absolutely nothing is shown or it’s the opposite, they are interlocked with abstinence, are you serious, Gem? Yes! the tease and prolonged curiosity is what really fuels it up, so if you notice certain creators of this type of content always remain clothed, there’s a reason for it, and it’s almost always not a personal preference, it’s because it pays significantly more. It sits on that tease and denial / you don’t deserve to see titty threshold.

This is a very strict bunch from my experience, they will not come near you once you actually, show the goods, because that’s not what their kink is all about. And thats okay, you don’t have to do the same thing over and over again, we’re allowed to change it up, and advance in our careers.

What I noticed, was a significant change in interest from this group once I revealed my nipples, but yet you’ll have the ones that yell “it’s porn dooooood where is the nude!” At you, until you do, actually do the nude, then they change their tune, to something like : Ho. Am I right? Mmhmm.

Where do I find them Gem?

The fuck if I know anymore, I’m a ho who shows nipple remember wink.

Personally I dress fairly modest, I always have, and I’m very reserved in my private life, the only flare I make is through my adult content, and now my desserts, nom nom.

That’s my experience with it, hope this made you laugh and gave you insight into remembering, that you’re fucking awesome whether you show the goods, or not, and don’t feel too weird when this bunch leaves, it’s part of the way they kink.

Bottom line is : we’re dammed if we do, and we’re dammed if we don’t, so fuck it, and just do you.

And if you’re a fully nude creator, I feel you deserve so much more love ❤️

Until next time.

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