Hi, it’s Me.

the voice in your brain, well, here it’s text.

This is My first blog post here, and if you found Me through the spiral interwebs and through the fetish realm, I need no introduction, but if you’re genuinely new to the Enchantments, let’s talk.

My background is a literal rainbow of experiences, from phone sex operator to rope/bondage play to Femdom pov clips, to mesmerizing cosplay creations, to erotic stories, to ASMR, to graphics, and so much more.

I’ve worked independently, consensually and passionately, for 10+ years in sexy land, and still do, on the ring. I do not belong to any organization or adult niche. I am retired from the fetish clip realm, which means I no longer provide sexy videos and sessions. As of this article and until otherwise stated, I am a part-time PSO, *phone sex operator, when I have a moment, to click, with my fans.

So stay for the smiles, comment for the love ❤️ and if I can help just one person smile, feel better or perhaps embark on a similar venture, I’m okay with that.

It’s entirely possible that I may offend you, but that’s alright, because everyone has a voice, even if that voice happens to disagrees with us. I am a neurodivergent, which makes it a daily struggle to avoid inadvertently saying inappropriate topics, being distracted and so forth, however I manage very well and I appreciate that you, dear reader, are enjoying my words.

Thank you for reading ♥️

Bee kind.


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