Gens poison Ivy origin

You may have found my Ms Isley content growing on all sorts of places, planting kisses all over your…mind, lovingly and sassily eye fucking you through the camera, while shiny gloves traced the pheromones around and around through my poisonous lips. Yes, I can poison ivy nicely, but so do so many others, probably because she’s just a delightfully sadistic playful and pretty fun character to cosplay, “Well hello there, honeypot”.

There have been so many variations of the red-haired, leaf beauty, Ms isley that most fantasies and stories are already out there, however to some, they desire a more intimate experience, so they seek out the more erotic sort of roleplay, and naturally, I fit this look a bit, just a little bit wink.

I’ve always had an interest in the character and cosplays, but I only started getting really really into it once a seeding was presented to me.

Notification sound.

A video commission arrives (roughly around 2012 -2014), I read through a bunch of comics, I watched the films, I studied the outfits, scenes and immersed myself in the pheromones of content creation, and then the first video was made. Yes, it really was that way.

There are so many variations and creative ways to cosplay this leaf, and I really had a good time in the garden of….kisses, but to me, she is one of 55 other roleplays I have the same level of fascination with, so, thats the origin of my, Ms Isley, poison Ivy.

Kisses, honeypot.

4 thoughts on “Gens poison Ivy origin

  1. I came across Genevieve’s Poison Ivy long ago and it’s safe to say her pheromones and lust dust enslaved me from my first inhale of her toxins.
    Without doubt the best Poison Ivy I’ve seen and all her videos had me ultimately dripping for her…and still do to this day. I only wish she would come back and make more of them for us to drool over.
    Absolutely one in a million and I can only thank my lucky stars I got to experience what it was like for all those other hero’s to cross paths with Enchantress Genevieve’s lair. Those lucky intoxicated souls.

  2. Sometimes I wonder what make Her so good at cosplays and things, and then when I read this, a few things kinda clicked. It’s easy to love Her beauty, Her sway, and Her tist-ness, but the creativity and energy that She brings really is a game changer. When She’s naturally the best, but She still puts the most into Her creations, that’s how you get truly timeless art, and that’s definitely what we have going on here.

    Honestly, sometimes you just have to feel really lucky to be a honey pot. Unpotted souls are truly missing out on what they actually want to be viewing today.

    1. Kisses to the vine..

      She whispered in the garden, wrapping pheromones into weaves of leaves ? surrounding the.. kissing of the mind.

      I’m lucky to get to engage and imagine with all of you, It’s so much….more fun that way, Ms. isley smiled.

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