Dear diary : The roots of Gem.

Hi again, 👋

It all started with the beat of the drums..

Born in the 80s, in Southern Africa, a third-world country, right near an ocean that colors the sun, among the Big 5, became the lady, who you know today as Genevieve. There was a reason #5 was always a favorite 🙂 Now, you know.

I’m African. I don’t speak french, and yes, I’m aware that my sexy chosen name is Genevieve, smiles. English is my main language. And yes, I’m old enough to remember when we embraced a rainbow nation. I don’t ever feel as though I was very privileged, but I did take every opportunity given to me in order to build the life that I wanted.

Yes, I lived in a lovely house for the majority of my life, but that house had barb-wire on the fences, and keeping your tires attached to anything was a challenge. I grew up in a good home and with good people, and that’s all that really matters to me.

Why is this pertinent to your diary entry, Gem? The answer is simple, the success you see today was acquired because, when one does not have much, they work that much harder.

The rest…is for my brain to know, live and experience and yours, to imagine. As always.

Love Me.

Enchantress Genevieve

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