Dear diary : Metronome fascinations lè Spiral

Typically when you see metronome tagged or perhaps you hear the tick tock of the metronome in a file associated with erotic hypnosis, it’s usually in the form of meditational reasons, or at least it is for me. It just tick tocks from side to side just right while swaying to the way it feels, erotically.

I do find the pacing of a metronome, very erotic when in conjunction with an induction of hypnotic language, allowing the listener to experience a sort of build-up. Ah, the build up..mmhmm.

Yes, metronomes are often used with musical instruments, but spiral me maybe, the tick tock of the metronome chimes with the brain, and isn’t the brain It’s own musical instrument? Metronome erotica is a favorite of mine for a reason, is it the tone, the tick tock or the waves of relaxation, maybe,

it’s all 3, 2, 1…

Well, hello there.

Metronome erotica//EnchantressGenevieve

2 thoughts on “Dear diary : Metronome fascinations lè Spiral

  1. Isn’t the brain it’s own musical instrument?–That opened my eyes, like, yes!, so very very true. The question now is, if my mind is an instrument, is She the conductor or composer? Ha, probably just everything, because it’s Gem, and when it comes to minds she’s a maestro : )

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