Dear diary lè Tiddy

Are you just full of yourself? Well, yes…and no? I’m auto erotic, yes, add that to the make up of lè Gem, just when you thought I couldn’t spike up the heat, or perhaps you’ve known about this as a long time fan, either way, tiddy is hot for this tiddy, so yes, and also no. I’m confident, not arrogant, I find my body to be just as attractive as the opposite gender, I’m not full of it just full on top of those juicy…is this another riddle Genevieve? No, I double the jiggle promise:) it’s more of a, vourisym self exploration hybrid mixture, and quite honestly I still don’t fully understand why I am this way, but I certainly don’t see any reason not to…mmmhmm enjoy myself in a sway ♥️

Is this why I’m attracted to the ladies aswell as the gents..even beautiful Trans ladies, maybe…and I’m good with that. Cock is still on the top, or in your case…down deep on their knees..

Okay, time for some whipped…self loving..


Love Me.

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