Dear diary : ASMR tingle tale time

Tingle Me maybe…worded with some hypnotic conversation because we’re just here to tingle..

Be advised, erotic triggers below.

Hello….She whispered, tongue fucking your ear.

I first became intrigued with it years ago, and the idea of enjoying it or even trying it myself was not something I originally wanted to pursue, especially since it was a busy time for me in my life, even owning a 3dio was an alien thought, I had also dropped over 1k for a video camera and went on to create an entire studio, so there was that too, ha, well now that I actually have one, I find it even more intriguing, so much so I sought out the meaning, researched the types, and found some tingles along the ears of ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response.

Here is what I discovered..

My original thought was that of something that could elevate stress, and although I did feel more relaxed, it did not eliminate anxiousness entirely, Tingles, yes. wink wink, double double. Instead, it became a sensation of fascination.

So I find myself introducing more ASMR soon and making it my own, perhaps with a little bit of side to side spiraling or the sounds of my metronome. Perhaps I will surprise you with a few tingles along the way and make your day just a little bit better. ?

Kisses and tingles.


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