More about the Siren..

So, who is Gem?

Gem is a common nick name used, but you may address Me as Enchantress or Goddess, I am a sensual gentle Dominant, for most of My career I’ve been a Fetish PSO with a swirl of Erotic Hypnotherapy, I’m mostly known for conversational hypnosis, however I like to spice things up when the swirl is swirling wink wink.


I’m well versed in psychology, life experience, and most importantly, I’m very kinky, She smiled.

If you’re here because you found my uniquely fetish content somewhere, well, that’s because I have always had a bizarre flare for Cosplay, and by bizarre, I literally mean odd 🙂 “Avant-garde”.

What I’m into, and if you’re into it too, that makes for a sexy time.

Sensual domination/gentle femdomme seduction to those who enjoy My words, which are very spicy sometimes.

Recreational ASMR and topics.

Kinky stuff.

Behind the scenes, raw and opinionated memoirs on topics relating to or directly affecting, the sexy online scene of creators.

LGBTQA+ topics and posts, as well as trans, drag Queens and very gay things, and if you’re not okay with that, then that’s okay too, you are still valid, but do not dump your ideology into my space and theirs.

I’m a very intellectual person, so it stands to reason that I am attracted to the smarts. However, this does not define my personal belief  in how everyone should be treated fairly in that of judgment, a first impression makes for a lasting one with someone whom you fancy wink wink.

Meditational ASMR.


Cosplays and designs, often with a mesmerizing undertone.

Siren fantasy erotica, otherwise known as the Villaness kink.

Tutor/Teacher kink

Sex education and kink topics.

Musical melodies of my personal thoughts.

Big praise, kinkstress, I am.

Occasional erotic mesmerizing within..

Remember: What you read and choose to consume is your own sole responsibility as an adult, no one else’s.

Occasional comedy 🙂

Aaaand a lot of side boob, cleavage, and focus on boobs in general.

I’m GenX/Millenial. If you’re not here because you’re an ally of sexy workers, with the oldest profession in the world, then bye bye bye 😘

“Here I am, looking and sounding like a hypnotic siren.

But It’s almost as if there’s a kink for it, and I happen to fit the glove.

Mind blowing.”


I have since retired from online sex work, except in the form of phone calls, which was back in ’22. What a decade-long orgasm that was 😉