Subject 369 : Zatanna erotica [short erotic story]

Subject 369 watched Zatanna the magical magican while doing her magical mesmerizing pocket watch swing, dangling over big soft breasts, listening as her entrancing voice, instructed him to orgasm, he did so, blissfully, and while glancing at the clock…

*Erotic hypnosis present*

“Oh, it’s 12 o’clock..” He gasped.

Eager to talk with me, he sent a message. “Good morning, Goddess! I just watched the new Zatanna clip…”

She smiled and replied,
“Magical orbs, huh?. “

“Yes Goddess,” the subject replied.

“Cuming on demand is so hot, isn’t it?”

“Yes Goddess,” the subject replied.

“I have you so well trained, my subject.”

“Yes, Goddess. Subject continued to stroke his obedient cock”

*Our regular trance time continues.*

Moments later…

“Hmmm, its 12:51…9 minutes until you can cum”

“Yes Goddess” he moaned softly..

“Good boy”

Subject 369 gets more aroused when he hears the words good boy” – the affirmation fetish.

*snaps fingers*

“Good, now, relax, and sink to the sound of my silky voice…”

“9…you love being Zatanna’s pet….8..7..6, 5 minutes until you can cum, Mmmm it ryhyms with gum, stuck on the mesmerizing tone, pop goes your pleasure, almost there, building up that orgasm for me feels good…5, 4..minutes until you can cum,..3…2..mins, oh you’re so on the edge for Me…”

“Yes Goddess, please may i cum? Pleeeasse..” so on the edge..”

“Hmmmm… maybe I should start again at 9…”

“Oh.. Goddess…please…OooOoo..”

“It’s 12:59…1 more minute until you can cum”

“Yes Goddess…”

“Mmmm..good….and…1…orgasm for me, let it out..drain those balls, every last drop for me..”


“Thank you Goddess..thank you…thank you Goddess”

“Good boy”

“Now, shhh…rest your hands, rest your eyes and for a moment feel that warm, positivity fill you up, blissfully relaxed, yes.”

“Yes Goddess”

Aftercare time follows.

The end.

Zatanna 5.0

True story.

2 thoughts on “Subject 369 : Zatanna erotica [short erotic story]

  1. The only thing as wonderful as Her power is the way She chooses to touch the world with it, and this story is such a powerful touch. When I think of a Goddess in a D-S sense, I think of somebody who doesn’t just excite your pleasure, but She excites how much you want Her pleasure most, and Gem is the most naturally Goddessey ever.

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