Why cancel culture is wrong.

This is my opinion on why cancel culture, the new way to deal with people we don’t like online, has got to stop. It starts with social media influencers : being more responsible with their younger audiences.

It may seem like the new trend, the new parasocial behavior that makes one hip ‘n cool, but in 20-30 years from now, your views and / or opinions may and often do change. Humanity sets in, and instead of feeling cool, you’ll feel immense guilt. After all, we do not do to others that we wouldn’t want done to us. So, if you’re still young minded, and feel like it’s the appropriate response for something you disagree with, ie : cancelling someone (cyber bullying, ect) perhaps it may be time for some differences in the way you approach your social interactions online. Many of this stems from the nature of avoiding in person scenarios or interactions with people who have an indifference in opinion to ours. What bothers me the most is that top influencers have absolutely zero accountability for cancel culture and the effect they cause. After all, you don’t see a group of construction workers suddenly changing the construction building due to the cement being too edgy, do you? Free speech should be free speech. Let the building stand so that more voices can be heard. Not canceled.

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