Twitter bird flies

Very far away..

Yes, it’s now double official. “But Genevieve why do you still have a profile there?” – the simple answer? brand protection.

The more in depth one. As soon as I left my profile/deactivated 5 years ago (different account under @EnchantressGem) it was a free for across sexy twitter with my content/names, no exaggeration, one simply can search. I went on to create another one (@Enchantress_Gem) to combat the shadowbanning, but because I had been around for a while on the internet, immediately the usernames and certain matching criteria are panned together and now it won’t be long until you’re shadowbanned again. Being forced to even deeper pits of the shadow realm was not what I signed up for, and I didn’t post anything hardcore, just spirals, some hot takes, auto sales (these get you marked as spam if you do not update your profile every other day just fyi), big boobs and hypnotic sexy words. Basically, I’m pretty softcore porn compared to hardcore spread pussy ones who are now even further into the deepest part of the galaxy.

Here would be my advice, take it if you will, or don’t, but if you’d like to keep enjoying your work, and you do not wish to have the same experience I did, try to retain your social media handles, keep it locked if you want, do not use DMs and defer traffic to your website with alternatives, update your credentials often, and stay safe. If you choose to delete it, make sure you take screenshots of important branding you wish to keep and download an archive of your Twitter data.

A lot, and I mean a lot of new Sexy workers online see social media as a haven, so lets try keep it that way for the love of toes okay? Just ride out another circus and look at places that you feel most comfortable in. Safety is number 1. I don’t feel safe on Twitter. Unfortunately, brand protection is just as important.

Thanks for reading, if you found this helpful or you’d like to offer your advice please comment below.

No longer on Twitter.


Enchanting Gem of sensual swirls

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