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Love can drip in many forms
Drip for Me

Hi love, it’s Me, the voice in your brain. Text

Stream updates 💋 I’ve decided to expand to other platforms with My ASMR, currently I provide free streams on loyalfans, but I feel with the quality and talent I posses, I can help and heal others in a much more visible and resourceful way, I know, I’m not perfect, but at least I know who I am, I don’t bring out a facade. There are also other reasonings too, so let’s talk.

1. Now this was entirely outside of my control, but for 2 weeks I was dealing with streaming issues, which effected my routine/schedule, and while its fixed and the staff at LF helped out incredibly, this happened right around the same time I was getting momentum, and if you have any sort of inclination of how creators rely on exposure then I’m sure you know, that being seen on any platform is like getting a golden ticket in the chocolate bar these days. However, it happens and it happens on other places too, technology isn’t perfect either, and believe Me when I say, I’ve definitely experienced far more unsavory things elsewhere. I choose loyalfans to retire My content on for a reason, they put creators first, so if you haven’t stopped by to get your •drip• on with the thousands of sexy talent there, go check it out! But use my referral please with a swirl on Top 💋

2. ASMR should be enjoyed by everyone looking for it, there are so many different types, styles and creations, why limit it to just one singular niche, Ive always believed in variables, so you can kick up the dirt as much as you like, but you had your moments with the Siren and now I’d like to make other minds smile too.

3. My new studio room is finally sufficient enough to record and film in so expect lots of clips, featuring ASMR only content. For reference, I’m still streaming on loyalfans, but for now My schedule is as of this post, and subject to change, Tuesday nights (EST)

Phew you made it through all that, good pet.

I’ll be uploading and streaming on various other platforms soon, which ones Gem? That I haven’t decided yet, but by now, I’m sure you know, I’d tell you.

They’ll be free there too, yes yes I know, I’m ever so generous. Love you and stay safe ❤️

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