Let’s talk : Time drainers

To whomever needs to hear this today, stop wasting your time seeking respect from people who don’t like you. It’s that simple.

So many of you complain, always on social media, of how others waste your time with too many messages or how they immediately do not tip you or how you’re getting upset when someone gets their jolly on and then yeets off right away, it happens, a lot, you’ll encounter hundreds more if you continue in this field, yet here you are wasting your time with people who don’t even see you as a human, let alone value what you have to say.

If I thought this way, I wouldn’t have survived a decade in this industry, which is 10× the circus on a good day, nor would I stay sane, seriously, stop wasting your time seeking respect from those who do not like you.

There is so much more to be passionate about than engaging in todays norm of social media drama, real world issues for starters.

Your life experiences, for the other. Who gives a flying cannoli about your mini rant?, no one. Be a part of something bigger, or you’ll stay a thumb warrior and miss out on living your life.

Will most people care about this post? Probably not, but I don’t give a flying fucking cannoli.

Love Me.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk : Time drainers

  1. It’s just kinda fitting that the most amazing voice in the internet space is also the realest voice too : ) i love how She can be a goddess, a cosplay enchantress, or she can just be amazing every day too.

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