Let’s talk : sexy platforms!

From my 10+ years experience on em all.

Updated : April 2023.

Let’s start with sexy lands, favorite clown fest, Twitter : it’s trash. However, a very large group of sexy land kinksters still utilize it, as hidden as they be! The only reason I still have an account on there is so that I can retain my name and the only reason I am subscribed to the blue, is for further brand protection, because it’s a jungle in there.

Tumblr has been revived! But it did go kaboom for a while, and I still love the layout here. The kinky community on Tumblr seems to be fairly decent again. Use appropriate tags and maturity labels, please.

Fetlife : If you’re curious about kink, there’s tons just like you. It’s free. But, after my experiences with it, not my cup of tea. And if you’re a sexy content creator, or sex work in general, it’s not so friendly.

Patreon : Just, nope. Unless you’re into digital artists, the sfw kind, it’s not worth the time.

Facebook : I haven’t had an account on Facebook in 14 years so I cannot form a solid opinion on this one, maybe one day I’ll face off in a book and give it a look, I said maybe.

Instagram : Good alternative to Twitter, decent members, not so good on the nipple shows, and if you don’t post anything too erotically triggering, you can keep your profile. Sfw content only would be my advice, the algorithms don’t like it when the sexy is recommended, so it’s better to get your fans or boytoys to follow you there using out side traffic, inner traffic is pretty much non existent for sexy.

TikTok : To say a lot of people use this platform is an understatement. Their algorithm is known to be addicting, hence the popularity, but the majority of the way we do creation for the purpose of being seen, depends on the type of creator you are, so for obvious reasons, sexy stuff is not something you want to risk an account for, so if you’re still on the tok or plan to be or which ever outcome happens with the tik of tok, just avoid posting anything too nippley, as usual.

 *I have temporarily deactivated my tiktok - March 2023* @enchantressgem 

Pintrest : it’s for artsy sexy, not really sexy friendly though, so go with sfw pins!

Discord : This place is a haven for nonsense, so be careful what servers you join, but there are a lot of them used for sexy purposes. Whether that’s hentai porn, revenge porn or real porn, you’ll find it hidden in there. Most people (adults) use this for gaming as well, so if you cross platform, it’s a good choice.

Reddit : My experience with reddit is not great, the sub reddits I once used or sought out for assistance really don’t give a shit about sexy workers, so after a year, and accumulating almost 1k follows there, I just gave it up. Now, for some, it’s a great place to advertise for services, but for others, it’s a shit show. Nothing good ever comes out of reddit, in my opinion.

Switter : it was a fun place, while it lasted. Similar to Mastodon, but sexy Mastodon. Rip.

Mastodon : the Twitter alternative, still not as widely used, but it’s making an impact, slowly but surely. I love the fact that I don’t have to pay to post “be visable”, unlike its competitors. Currently, I use this as my food blog.

MySpace : Was a space that I learned html on! Sadly, it lost its sauce.

Youtube : The best place for all types of video content, unless it’s nude or obscene, then that’s a no-no. Abide by the rules, like everywhere else. If you’re posting erotic content, content that brings out an erotic reaction, make sure to use tags and labels.

Niteflirt : Ideal for phone sex! Audio files (biggest audio library that I’ve seen) and it has some very loyal and lovely members. And if you’re consistently online, you’ll make a good amount. I have never had problems with payouts, or members, that weren’t easily dealt with through customer support. And if you get a bad call, just block, easy.

Loyalfans : There’s a reason I chose to retire on this platform, they offer a good payout, decent advertising for models. The live streaming, when I did it, didn’t work so well, now it appears to be fixed, and they are improving. I love their shout-out options and also their subscription services, back when I used them, I have since deactivated my subscriptions, and I am no longer active here or providing regular content. Dms open to Enchanted favs.

Manyvids social : The diversity of beauty is astounding, one of the better socials for sexy creators.

Onlyfans : Well, we all know about the onlyfans debacle, but for popular models and creators, it’s the go-to. I gave it a try. It’s not my cup of tea, but if you find it beneficial, go for it. Make sure it’s not your only platform, just in case they decide to ban the sexy again on the whim.

Kinkbomb : Another place that went kaboom, took models payouts and closed up shop, or last I had read. I had a studio on here when I first started, I believe it was even before my clips4sale studio, but I’m glad I left early on because they muked up pretty bad.

IWC : Had a store here many, many years ago, and unless you’re heavily into Findom and manipulation, it’s really not worth it for most other studios, in my opinion.

Clips4sale : Still one of the BEST clip sites I have used, feet down.

AP clips : I had a studio here, a small one, and although a lot of my content was amateur, I didn’t enjoy the feel of it, but that’s just me. There are others who find a good rhythm here, so if you’re into amateur content, maybe it’s your jam.

Fansly : I haven’t been active on here much, so I can’t say for sure if it’s a good alternative to other subscription platforms, but I love their features as well. Still, I can’t form an opinion on this one yet.

PornHub : I used to have a profile here, still one of the largest places for the sexy, I really liked their model hub. I left because I retired.

If this helped you gather some important perspectives, don’t forget to say a kind word for me. I appreciate it.

If you’re a new sexy worker or content creator, please do not give your hard earned ho-bucks to other top influencers. Instead, do your own SEO. Trust me, it does not benefit you. It only benefits them, I talk from experience. My advice is free, and there is a lot of other knowledge and resources available online, already free.

Love, Gem.


Enchanting Gem of sensual swirls

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