Lets talk : Common ground

In sexy land, You have consumers of porn and sex work creators, but nothing is kept equal in any sense of the word, and I think it has a lot to do with how we all differentiate between the bdsm circle jerk.

I mean, at the end of the day, do we not all want better porn? To make it safer for current and past creators? To co-exist in lewd and non lewd? To make it better for the enjoyment of a collective of people who are adults and deserve the freedom to enjoy their adult things?

So why is it so difficult for everyone to just hold dicks and get along? Will we ever be able to find some common ground on the fact that yes, people are diverse, we identity very differently to each other, we have different skins, we have different backgrounds, most importantly, and likewise, for you, as the consumer of our PORN, that you are very different too, in many aspects, and that respect goes both ways. Sometimes creators/influencers are not good people, and sometimes consumers of porn are not good people, use common sense, for a common ground. Don’t believe everything you read, do your own research, and do your own diligence.

Any content creator on both sides of the aisle, non lewd and fully lewd, will tell you that financial stability and popularity/status is what is sought and more beneficial, for obvious reasons right, but when that starts clashing with everyone, and by everyone, I literally mean, almost everyone (the influx of the pandemic here we go!) is now all of a sudden wanting to have that same outcome, “I want to be a viral content creator“, this is what more younger adults aspire too these days, because it appears easy, well then, things don’t always go well for the collective of long standing creators trying to maintain that same level of exposure, because yes, narcissism exists and many of us don’t want to share the stage or share anything actually, but brace yourselves though, new comers to sexy land, the next cycle will start again in a few years from now, make sure you’re prepared, ie : branding, avoiding dodgey people, do you, stop bickering and bitching on your socials, and just co-exist, because one without the other makes no sense to the world, and for fuck sakes, free the nipple.

I feel a lot of people don’t understand, that the actions you make today, those pave the way for content creators five years from now and so on, can we perhaps pack away the pitch forks and start singing dick-a-long songs 🎵 already, because a decade of this is tiring man.

I’d personally like to see the vast majority of communities in sexy land, find some common ground, start investing in safe and inclusive ways to make it a difference, and back those words with actions. I think as creators, we don’t just make trends. We influence the way the next generation enjoys their sexy.

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Enchanting Gem of sensual swirls

2 thoughts on “Lets talk : Common ground

  1. Bwhaha, free the nipple made me laugh, because yeah, for sure! Nipples have definitely been overly taboo for too long, and for anyone who thinks that they’re just too sexy to be free, well they should take one look at an Enchantress’ work and realize that when She’s sexy, every part of Her is the sexiest part, when She wants it to be.

    But yeah, maybe someday things will get to a point where beauty is beauty in every way, and the creation and the love of that beauty are both processes with nothing but smiles in them. Because as much as there is a stigma about porn and things, it’s really just an expression of beauty, and everyone can appreciate that, just as long as they are willing to.

    If actions pave the way, then the way is always very lucky to have your Gemy style : ) With your talent, energy, your mind’s beauty, and your pretty’s beauty too, you’ve made things that are so timeless. Maybe hot take here, but it’s something that many creators could learn from, especially guys. I’d love to see more beautiful men being sexy, it’s just, women making porn are like, okay need to handmake an amazing cosplay outfit, write a hot scenario, absolutely own the screen, then spend a lot of time editing…while guys are like…clothes off=video. Ha, sorry, way off topic, but what I’m trying to say is that if porn is beauty, and beauty is art, then you are truly a great artist of our time, and so many people thank you for doing exactly the things you do : )

    Sorry if the space is wonky sometimes. You definitely deserve roses instead of the bickering and everything.

    1. Absolutely! I love this so much. Thank you for saying this, nipples be free! Actually speaking of, one my social media posts has flagged so many times for a nipple peak it broke the post, ha, it’s like trying to cover up art that depicts nudity, same thing! Anyway, so mucho love ❤️

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