The mind kink in sexy land

Personal note This is from my own experience with erotic hypnosis and I’ll discuss the various sways it is almost always grouped in, as a niche.

I am not currently active in the mind kink community as of this post. * I have transitioned into ASMR, and well…that’s for another post.

But before we start, what exactly is erotic hypnosis? Aka, the mind kink. Well, If you’re a seasoned spiral seeker I need no countdown to what that correlates to you, but for readers who may not fully snap the effect it has on our niche, let me give you a small induction into the mind kink and the various ways people of all colors, sizes, genders and backgrounds partake in it throughout sexy land.

Consent, basic knowledge of BDSM and education (you’re dealing with the mind, need I say more), are not just add ons, they are required. I cannot stress this enough, in the mind kink, you are essentially releasing some sort of control to whom you are actively trancing with, while yes Genevieve, a brain is a safe bubble, you are always in control of your actions, it is the imagination that lives in the mind, a thought that is fixated on, a repetitive sound, word, and so on, we are hypnotized all day, we just dont always see it, that makes up the fascination, and people seek out this niche to release that part of themselves they cannot always do in societys standard. This can be done with a partner, a community lifestyler or with a sexy worker, the difference in each, depends on your preferences.

Note, I am not a fan of categories, labels and groups, for the purpose of this post I will reference the mind kink in sections, this is so that you can identify them.

For example, The curious hypno partner, if you’re looking to spice up your sex life when you’re in any type of relationship, learning about erotic hypnosis can be very spicy in the bedroom, and a lot of basic erotic hypnotherapy books are available to show you basic methods. It is extremely erotic if done when both are exploring.

…or if you’re one of those “I live the lifestyle 24/7” kinksters, then the general hypnokink community is for you, but be careful, as not everyone has the experience nor the responsibility to engage with you as you may come to expect, a lot of bad actors thrive where there is market for something that is this personal, ie: the brain. However if you find that’s more suitable for your preferences, and you want to dip your toe into it, what ever trances your boat. Tip: chances are if there is a camera involved in your lifestyle play, its out there, somewhere, it’s the internet.

Now on to the sex workers who specialize or offer some sort of erotic hypnosis, ONLINE. Some transition from lifestyler to hypno Swr (realizing they could be making financial gain with the demand) and some stem from your everyday professionals who choose to offer it. What you may not realize is, that with every new Tist who offers erotic hypnosis has vastly different backgrounds, there isn’t a one size fits all version here, in any kink. There’s audio only erotic hypnosis, there’s full out boobs only erotic hypnosis, there’s hypnocosplay (my former specialty), there’s text only erotic hypnosis, there’s phone sex erotic hypnosis, there’s even m⁰mmy dommy hypno vtuber Swrs and so on.. The major difference here that seperates the other two types above, is that it is, at least mostly made up of paying fans and those who support it financially. But if I pay doesn’t that make you a Findom? No buttercup. That is called paying for your porn and supporting your favorite sexy hypno worker (or any Swr) that is not to be mistaken for FDHypno “Findom”, this niche is what you would expect, with the financial being the main kink aspect secondary to the erotic hypnosis, and this is almost always coupled with manipulation, hey, to each their own. If the market is there, it’s there. I dabbled in it for a few years and found it simply was not part of my personal kink makeup. No kink shaming here. (The only thing I do not tolerate is catfishing/grifters/impersonators, again, different from financial domination). For Me, I dipped My toes in the lifestyle first, while also working in a different industry, soon I discovered the demand for the type of content that I was putting out, and it was highly requested, so naturally I transitioned into it, I am a business woman after all and it makes the pussy wet, mixing it up with cosplay was risky at the time, sure, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

This next paragraph may be controversial, but it’s from what I’ve witnessed. The labels sexy Tists are often slapped with are as follows: A recreational/communuty Tist (lifestyler, often a new face), The switch Tist (This category is a rarity due to the next category),The Findom Tist (self explanatory, often invloves covert/manipulation), The Femdom/Dom Tist (the more popular group, as it is almost always tied in with Findom Hypno and apparently the more cannoli you have the more people assume you’ll know what you’re doing, what can we expect with this generation who get their education from reddit and Youtube) anyway..moving on, The covert Tist, these groups are covert, naturally that’s the fetish, as long as it’s consented to first, adults are allowed to make adult decisions. All covert erotic hypnosis files I produced were from commissions, meaning My brand is not covert, often mixed up for conversational hypnosis. Ones ability to hold an articulate hypnotic conversation, does not mean they are a covert hypnotist, fucking tired of the misinformation on that. Anime Tist, The typical digital anime looking girl usually with an attractive voice, using digital images and videos (very few actually do it for the kink and more so for the fact digital porn isn’t as nearly looked down on as real porn) or you could simply hybrid these all in some way or another, mixed with another niche, the possibilities are endless, you’ll find a lot of models/Swrs utilize other niches to expand their reach, it’s common, so if this riles up the panties please take a breathe, innovation isn’t having the same burger every night, odd analogy but please understand that others exist, thanks.

Some hypno sexy workers do it full time, often with the help from a professional studio/marketing agency, some do it part time while still working in a different industry, I’m sure there’s many more variables out there, you get the snap of it. This again, is from my personal perspective.

Thanks for reading My thoughts. ♥️

To be continued..

If you’re considering erotic hypnosis in sexy land, email Me with your questions, or if you’re an author of educational resources and you’d like to be featured here, I will contact you back should it be something I can help you with and collaborate on.

Good. Now. Relax.

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