Hello November


Good morning, good afternoon and good evening Enchanted brains, here’s a look into November with the Siren.

I’ll be working on YouTube content this month, and new videos will come out when I have several done ✔️ if there’s any requests, please use email.

With Twitter being the usual circus it is, I would recommend you take steps to secure your account. Who knows what will happen there, but until we do, the keys stay locked, popcorn comes out and we let the birds chirp. Find me here chirping. @GemsASMR

I have joined Mastodon and I have launched a new Tumblr page (back to the good ol days of bdsm blogs! Entirely different from twitter guys, less tiddy porn too, but at least you won’t have to pay to exercise your free speech), feel free to request a follow.

New goal set on Loyalfans, click, drip, pay.

Until next time,

Love Me

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