Dear diary : Toe wiggles

What’s with the toe to the wiggle? It’s a fun and sometimes silly trigger I use in a few of my former mesmerizing files to bring a smile to a listeners face, once the session is winding down, or to make a listener feel more at ease. This may not be the standard, but it’s my own personal thing I do to make it more enjoyable, and I enjoy raising the standards one toe at a time.

Thank you to one of my biggest fans for this gold heart anklet from my wishlist. It blends in so well ❤️ She wiggled Her toe.

Enchantress Genevieve
Instagram/Twitter @EnchantressGem

One thought on “Dear diary : Toe wiggles

  1. Her toe wiggle is always the perfect little mmhm : ) It’s like a bit of whipped cream on your trancey hot chocolate.

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