Dear diary : ReAI takes on digital boom in sexy

And how we went from sexy secrets, found only by those interested, just seeking out some sexy, to becoming digital influencers/personalities on social media, throwing it all up for everyone to see, even those who aren’t interested or shouldn’t be exposed to adult sexy, resulting in more drama and toxicity, but is this any fault of the sexy worker? Nope. It’s the consequence of stigma, Sesta Fosta, and I feel, a lack of education on the subject of etiquette and empathy. Ya know, basic understanding of one’s actions.

Unlike the newer crowd, my generation didn’t boom into technology, I grew up along side it, harnessing that farmville like a whole kernel, I was more into building treehouses before technological booms really started taking the spotlight, I touched a jungle of grass, so much grass, but, having to innovate your presence online, whislt keeping up with the new tech that has all but boomed the internet, all the drama and…you get the point, was a task and a 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1…

only good vibes here..uhuh, mmmhmm.

It was a lot easier to find genuine humans too. Now it’s a 50/50 on if I have a bot or an actual human following me.

The bigger tech is the new spice girl shoe. If you’re not 10 inches higher, you’re spiced out of luck.

To be completely honest with you, I have not even tried the chat bot yet (I may be the only one on the internet who hasn’t tried it). There’s this part of me who is curious, but the majority of me just wants to enjoy some classics for a little while longer, like spending several hours on a call and when you say “slaps”, they say, “on the buttocks?” 🙂

Oh, the days when sexy was just someone’s sexy thing instead of animated social interactions, are they AI? Who knows anymore! regardless, I think it is a decent thing for now, what the future holds… time will tell.

No, this post was not written by AI. It is by thy own thumbs.


The Siren

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