Dear diary : Micro-blogging vs. Social media thoughts

Hi again ❤️

From my perspective, they are not one in the same.

A blog, represented on the internet has a different reach than that of a profile among millions of other profiles on a social media platform, and often social media profiles aren’t equipped with the protection that personal blogs or websites have, ie : spam / algorithm bans / unnecessary jibberjabberish in your feeds. Yes, I’m biased because I’ve experienced social media, in its golden age, when things were more social and less consumer, and now I have experience with blogging in one’s own space.

Can you guess where my preference is? You betcha, big ol blow jobs…I mean, blogging 🙂

I’ve covered my thoughts on the benefits of personal blogging, numerous times, as it works for me, because as I am a neurodivergent, but for others it may be useful or more of a coping technique, to focus on it, the other way around. More social media, less blogging, for example, what works for me, may not work for you.

Now, for our dear thumbs up addiction, social media : It does have its benefits, yes I will admit that, such as : smaller communities being able to gather in one place to support eachother and somewhat socially connect and find the best memes, but can I tell you a secret?

You’re enough.

The only x amount of followers you need is what’s in your $$ account. Gasp! And if you feel that’s unfair or completely wrong, I ask you, how well are you doing with social media? If the answer is good, then fuck off, you’re apart of the problem and not the solution, if your answer is not so good, then try focusing on business, and put social on hold for a little bit, I’d bet one of big succulent boobs, you’ll make somewhat of an increase in traffic and income.

That’s all from your Siren. Blogging is my way, and that’s how it’ll stay, for I lay your mind in the cusp of Gems, sway sway.

Enjoy your week!

I’ll be working on my new house, happy happy, which I’m updating in a new blog post very, very soon.

Love Me.

2 thoughts on “Dear diary : Micro-blogging vs. Social media thoughts

  1. I think what I really love about the blog is how spectacularly Gem gets to be Herself here. Posts can be long when She has a lot to say, or just a short little doer just to make your day, and there are no expectations or rules; it’s just Gem here, in everyway She wants to share that, and it’s magic.

    Everything she does always amazes me, but the blog might just be that the most : )

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