Dear diary : love does not recognize barriers

This post is dedicated to J**na

Hi diary, it’s time for an entry, for a loved soul.

It wasn’t that long ago, it seems, but seeing someone you knew for the longest time in one identity as Him, transform into an entirely different yet beautiful form as Her, choosing to dress feminine and finally feeling like themselves, well that is something I’m very honored to have experienced.

I sensed, it may have been easier and more comfortable talking with me openly about this, considering my former sexy career, which they knew about and always supported me through it, and this wasn’t the first time discussions had been made of them, being curious, but, it didn’t take long (2 hours after the talk) until the two of us were looking through my wardrobe, trying on all my cute outfits, so instead of our typical game night, we did a ladies night, and although it’s taken me a little bit to get used to this, I’m just happy I get to enjoy my best friend, in her most beautiful form. And when she slips on those jeans and tie, and the wig comes off and they drive off into the sunset, rocking their panties underneath those jeans, I’m just over here amazed, and thankful we live in a world where we can just be, ourselves, you know?

Femme for thoughts : consider this, In 2023 when a man wears nail polish, make up or dresses in exquisite garments, wears higher shoes, they’re labeled differently, yet in 2023 BC, a man who wore nail paint, make up and walked around in elaborate garments where considered, men of status. Aren’t we a funny bunch of humans.

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4 thoughts on “Dear diary : love does not recognize barriers

      1. So awesome : ) And just saying, but ladies night sounds super cute. Plus, I feel like rock stars have been crossing for ever, so it’s also a great way to feel like a rock star at home : )

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