An interview with a Gem

Hi, I interviewed a Gem.

Q: So, adult adhd, whats that like in the sexy environment?

A: The short answer is, you feel like the most isolated person in the world while simultaneously being the most extravagant in everything you do. The long answer? Well there’s more to it.

It takes balls, and mine happen to be on My chest:) however in the spectrum of social acceptance, being stigmatized, marginalized and labeled before someone fully understands what they see or come across, happens to all Swrs, of all varieties, but when having an overactive brain like mine, these labels can amplify and it paints a picture of vulnerability, which not so good people will seek out and attempt to exploit, both women and men, yes, both. I have personally experienced both.

Q: Isn’t it more common now than it was earlier on?

A: Nowadays it’s more commonly known about, in regular society and in social media thanks to influencers, but in online sex work, it is not, at least for me it wasn’t widely accepted back then in ’12. In all my time in this industry I have yet to see anything that would contradict this, I applaud someone who has found such support groups or resources, to say that its a sensitive topic would be a correct one. I’ve witnessed a lot of back and forth, and not only on the topic of indifferences, so yes it’s common, but not widely accepted in sexy land, unironically.

Q: How do you manage with it while interacting and does it effect your sexy work with the “mind kink”?

A: Often I rely on gut instinct instead of what is presented to me, solely on a defense mechanism, and its been very effective. I also know through my knowledge of psychology, particular patterns I look for, and so forth, and while most of it is from having to guard myself in situations that would have placed Me in harms way, both online and offline, it makes up my endurance and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m actually over qualified for this line of work yet I still believe that it should be seen, heard and most importantly, understood, I am just one voice in an ocean of millions with similar experiences, let that sink in for a while, millions. Since the pandemic, online sex work all but boomed, need I say why, but nonetheless that’s an entirely new discussion for another time. when I started in online Sex work, I was already highly educated with real life experience, I started in my late twenties, all of this helps in knowing what to look out for and who and what to invest my time in, as my time is significantly more compressed than most. But I manage by being selective of who I share my time with, not everyone is deserving of knowing the real you. To say my brain is incapable of being in the same sphere of “mind kink” based solely on the fact It’s over qualified is obsurd, but it happens.

Q: What is your brain experiencing throughout the day?

A: Lists, notes, schedules, sleep and caffeine are my best friends, just not in that order. Naturally, I’m an organized human, and also a distracted one. I live in the moment, I also think 6 months ahead, I change my interior decor every month, and everything has a place, I’m not OCD, just hyperfocused, everything I do is to avoid using artificial indigestion to help and rather I prefer to use natural methods to balance myself. My day is a 20+ item long list and usually only 10 of those get the hyperfocus mode. Meditation and yoga are weekly activities for me, and I find are necessary for my physical and mental well-being. I often talk about random subjects out of nowhere, I could talk for hours, and I do. My energy level is at a 7/10 just about every other day.

Q: So why did you decide to tell your fans now after so long?

A: So that prior and future advocates of online harassment of consenting adult Swrs could finally fuck off 🙂

Q: Your work is amazing why did you throw in the clips and files? Have you gained anything besides fatter boobs?

A: look, I’m already a chubby sexy model, into erotic hypnosis (another misunderstood niche) and I show tits, I’m unapologetic, a Dominant who switches (another misunderstood identity), a cosplayer with a flare for Avant-garde, I like being a kitten, I love being a Vixen, I’m pretty direct and I’m spicy, nothing about what I do is ordinary, so coming out with a power brain, did absolutely nothing for me in terms of popularity or income, as predicted. I didn’t gain from this, this was a decision I made to finally be me in every way, not to conform to what is acceptable in sexy land, fuck that, had enough of it in regular society. I’ve already been a top cosplay studio on C4S 4 years running, Ive been a top 100 studio on iwc, Top 10 on Loyalfans (in their beginning days) I’ve been to numerous events and sw has allowed me the freedom to live the lifestyle in the identity I most identify with. I’ve had thousands of calls using erotic Hypnotherapy and I’m fucking good at it. I’ve had plenty of moments and good experiences in the spotlight, I have had my turn. I didn’t receive a welcome to sex work package, I’ve been through some hard things and I’ve grinded my ass off, which is evident but not nearly as appreciated so eventually this brain of mine, came to say “no more of that”. It’s time for something new.

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Written by Her.

Enchantress Genevieve

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